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Jacksonville, Florida Shopping Malls Are A Great Place To Escape The Heat

Jacksonville, Florida Shopping Malls Are A Great Place To Escape The Heat

Nothing is worse than sitting around sweating on a hot, muggy summer day. Even though Jacksonville, Florida is a great place to live, summertime temperatures can be exceptionally high. Add in the high humidity levels in the area and you have a recipe for extremely hot weather during the summer.

Typically, the best option is to stay indoors in a cool, climate-controlled setting. Nobody wants to spend all of their time sitting at home, however. What can you do? How can you keep from getting bored? One option is to head to the mall.

Jacksonville, Florida shopping malls are the perfect place to escape the heat. All of the malls in the area are air-conditioned, meaning that you can walk around in cool, climate-controlled comfort. Best of all, instead of sitting at home being bored, malls give you a chance to get out and do something fun and interesting with your time.

Most shopping malls in the area have a wide variety of stores. From clothing stores to video arcades, there is a little bit of something for everyone. Whether you want to shop for shoes, enjoy a sweet treat at the food court, or play some of your favorite games at the arcade, you should be able to find plenty of activities to keep you busy.

If you really want to have a great time, however, there are a few tips that you should remember. First, try to get to the mall early so you can get a good parking spot. Look for a shady area where you can leave your car so that it doesn’t get too hot out in the sun. You may even want to invest in a sunshade for your windshield to make your own shade if you can’t find a tree to park under.

You should dress casually, wearing shoes that are easy to walk in. Most malls have tile floors, which can make your feet hurt after walking on them for a while – especially if you are wearing uncomfortable shoes. Typically, the best option is to go with athletic shoes that have adequate arch support. That way, your feet won’t give out before you are done shopping.

If you need a break from the Jacksonville, Florida heat, heading to the mall is a great option. Not only can you hang out in the cool, air-conditioned space but you can also find a lot of fun things to do while you are at the mall.

Places To Eat In The Great City Of Jacksonville FL

Places To Eat In The Great City Of Jacksonville FL

Jacksonville FL has quite the charm, and you’re going to really enjoy a visit to the city. While you figure out what you want to do there, I want to give you the names of some really nice restaurants that you might want to visit. This first one serves up fried whiting and fried green tomatoes. Yes, I have some unique picks for you as you discover what all there is to eat when traveling around Jacksonville FL.

Ribs, ginger cookies and banana pudding are a few other items on the menu at Southern Charm. Southern Charm is a lovely restaurant located at 3566 Saint Augustine Road. Not only do you get to enjoy southern home cooking, but you get to experience southern hospitality, too. You can have your shrimp cooked one of three ways, and there are some great sides to go with whatever you order, too.

Marker 32 is known for being a great seafood restaurant. Order up an oyster appetizer, tuna poke, scallops and much more. Jasmine rice, collard greens and warm spinach salads are also on the menu. The ambiance to the place is also a delight, and people say you can expect great service. Plus, you get a really nice view, too.

I really like the name of this next place, as it’s rather unique. It’s called Julington Creek Fish Camp, and it’s located at 12760 San Jose Boulevard. Enjoy shrimp and grits, parsley potatoes, red snapper and so much more. Would you like some bread pudding for dessert? The peel and eat spicy shrimp is said to be a favorite of restaurant goers when it comes to what’s on the menu at Julington Creek Fish Camp.

Then there is 4 Rivers Smokehouse. Now I have talked about another popular barbecue establishment in another article about Jacksonville restaurants. But you can’t have too much barbecue. Located at 9220 Baymeadows Road, 4 Rivers Smokehouse is known for its trip tip, coconut cake and collard greens, so it’s not just about the barbecue at this dining establishment.

Pick your place for a bite to eat as you travel around Jacksonville FL. You know there are some great seafood choices with JAX being right by the ocean. You know where to get your barbecue, too. You shouldn’t have any problem at all finding a great meal as you and your family make your way around the city of Jacksonville FL.